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Select U11-U18

Select Program Information

The Tosa Kickers Select Soccer Program offers youths the opportunity to play competitive soccer at the U-11 thru U-19 age levels. The competitive soccer program offers players with the talent, commitment, and desire, a higher level of coaching and competition. The teams play games in the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer League, Metro Soccer League, or the State league depending on the skill level of the team

Tosa Kickers Soccer

Something Different

Quality Coaching

Low Cost

High Convenience

In most soccer clubs, you can choose any two of the following three items: quality coaching, low cost, or high convenience.  In Tosa, we offer “Something Different” by providing our players and parents with all three.



Provide a great soccer experience at an affordable price.


Provide Tosa Soccer Players with a soccer experience that will help them achieve on and off the field.


That Tosa Soccer becomes a model for how to develop soccer players without spending a fortune.

Quality Coaching

Tosa Soccer employs professional coaching instructors and trainers to assist and educate volunteer team coaches, many of whom already have extensive playing and youth coaching experience.  By combining our volunteer coaches’ soccer backgrounds with our coaching instructors’ professional coaching backgrounds, we provide a quality low product at an affordable price.


Meet our Coaching Instructors – Rob Harrington, Jess Taylor, Kevin Roethe and Jon Gulrajani

Low Cost

Tosa Soccer offers select soccer teams who are competitive with clubs in the highest state leagues at a fraction of the cost of those clubs. Included in the total cost of under $1000 per player are registration fees, regional fees, uniforms, and select fees (including training and a full game schedule in fall, winter, and spring, four tournaments over the soccer season, an indoor season, and access to turf fields).

High Convenience

Tosa Soccer players get quality coaching, low cost, and you don’t have to leave Tosa to do it.  Our practices are held at Madison Park, Hart Park, Whitman soccer field, Hawthorne field and Underwood.  If you are a Tosa resident, or live nearby, you never drive more than twenty minutes to practice. Chances are that a nearby neighbor has kids on the team, which offers parents good carpool opportunities.


Can my child play other sports? Yes!  Most Tosa players play other sports.  We encourage kids to be well-rounded athletes and let time and talent help them decide which sport they like best.


If my child loves soccer, can they get more soccer in Tosa?  Yes! Tosa is a club and is part of the Milwaukee Kickers organization.  Your child can train with other Tosa teams in addition their own.  They can play up in age by simply asking the coach of the older team if extra players are ever needed for games. We encourage Tosa teams to train together and also encourage players to attend extra trainings with another team. Sometimes Tosa players are invited to join Milwaukee Kickers teams for games and tournaments too.


Can my child play with Tosa if I’m not from Tosa? Yes! Some of our best players come from surrounding communities.  Tosa does not have a residency requirement.  Because we offer a something different from other clubs, and focus on affordability, we hope and expect kids from different communities will join us in Tosa.


What’s your philosophy for your select teams?  Tosa uses disciplined technical training with appropriate competitive spirit to develop strong, confident kids on and off the soccer field.  Our responsibility is to provide the player a foundation for excellence as a soccer player and to help guide choices that lead to success in life. Coaching salaries, and wins and losses do not control decisions in Tosa soccer or constitute the only measures of success for our program.


What does your Head Coaching Instructor say? Lots. Rob Harrington has never been shy with words. Here are a few:

“Milwaukee County needs this Club Model.  Tosa soccer has coaching and playing talent.  What we lacked was consistent coach training, feedback, and curriculum.  By having professionals focus on training coaches who already know the game very well, the players improve.  This model is sustainable for families of differing economic backgrounds and time constraint issues.  This model is sustainable because it works and offers opportunities to anyone interested in learning the game, competing, and doing so without costing a fortune. This model provides what other clubs cannot, a great product at great facilities, at half the cost!”

For players seeking a more competitive level of play, we offer a try-out based program. Tryouts in June.