2019 Spring Registration begins 12/15



2018-2019 Coordinators
Coordinator Age Group Level & Birth Year Email
Jennifer Tierney U6 Boys/Girls play together 2013-2014 jengarbetierney@gmail.com
Rebecca Eder U7 Girls 2012 rivyeder@gmail.com
Tracy Gierach U7 Coed 2012 tracy_1130@att.net
Amber Stroud U8 Girls 2011 astellbrink@yahoo.com
Amy Comaris U8 Coed 2011 amycomaris@gmail.com
Amy Comaris U9 Coed 2010 amycomaris@gmail.com
Tracey Iding U9 Girls 2010 biding@att.net
Molly Holsen U10 Coed 2009 mollyholsen@gmail.com
Michelle Cozzens U 10 Girls cozzensm@elmbrookschools
Amy Comaris U10 Girls Select U11-U14 rec/select 2008-2006 amycomaris@gmail.com
Megan White U10 Boys select & U11-U14 Rec 2008-2006 megframwhite@yahoo.com
Jennifer Bye Practice Field Scheduler serenescene75@yahoo.com
Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators are responsible for organizing the teams after each registration period. This includes the assigning of players and coaches to each team. He or she will also work with the Executive Director and the Director of Coaching to find coaches for teams in need of one. He or she also works with the Uniform Coordinator to set the total number of uniforms needed.


  1. Maintain regional master waiting lists in order to facilitate finding teams for new/late players.
  2. Work with Executive Director or Registrar in team formation as necessary.
  3. Forward rosters to the Executive Director before July 1.
  4. Distribute rosters and player forms to coaches. Notify coaches during the year of newly added players to their team(s).


  • Hold open registration.
  • Check with teams to see who is coming back or leaving teams.
  • Handle late inquiries/registrations.


  • Start team formation on June 10th. Work with the Executive Director and the Director of Coaching.
  • Give team counts for U6-U10 to Uniform/Equipment Coordinator or the Executive Director by June 15th.
  • Give final roster to Executive Director June 27th


  • Give team counts for U11-U14 to Uniform/Equipment Coordinator by July 1.
  • Throughout the year: Continue to take new registrations if room is available on teams.